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November 30, 2007

Curious George: If you live in one of the Canadian Maritime Provinces, what hockey team do you root for?
Daredevil Evel Knievel dead at 69
Friday Flash Video Fun Warning: contains cow dismembering and manipulation by creative aliens. Via.
A junior history major at the University of Texas writes an informative article in defense of dresses. more inside
Zombie cockroaches can now be brought back to life! Thank you, science!
Lost bracelet found 25 years later... inside a chicken. more inside
The King of Thailand causes pink shirt fever. They can be dangerous, express solidarity, or fight breast cancer. You can get Pink shirts in any colour, but perhaps you shouldn't. Still, if they're good enough for Palermo...
Frederick Wiseman. According to reason.
Shaolin: Temple of Zen. Nifty photos. And here is a movie about the Shaolin. (Second link YouTube.)

November 29, 2007

Chocolate Bunny (youtube). It is oddly horrifying
SelfpostFilter Returns Post your accomplishments, your own web content, anything you've made, anything you're selling (although, uh, please not your eBay auction selling your nosehair, that's just icky). The continuation of this thread which is now too big and unwieldy to read.
What makes us moral. "Morality may be a hard concept to grasp, but we acquire it fast. A preschooler will learn that it's not all right to eat in the classroom, because the teacher says it's not. If the rule is lifted and eating is approved, the child will happily comply. But if the same teacher says it's also O.K. to push another student off a chair, the child hesitates...In both cases, somebody taught the child a rule, but the rule against pushing has a stickiness about it, one that resists coming unstuck even if someone in authority countenances it. That's the difference between a matter of morality and one of mere social convention, and [some] believe kids feel it innately."
You cannot force people to follow directions they deem arbitrary. more inside

November 28, 2007

9 Most Badass Bible Verses (Not safe to read while drinking anything)If the Bible had been written by King Leonidas and the rest of the Spartans from 300, it would probably read pretty much the same as it does now. It turns out, the Bible is already chock full of ass kicking.
Study finds pictures of eyes may deter crime. The experiment, which gained global media attention, found that people put nearly three times as much money into a unsupervised coffee room cash collection box when they were being watched by a pair of eyes on a poster. more inside
Mr Cormorant [flash] - Just sits by the lake. Faster, faster! [earworm] more inside
The 12 days of Kitschmas via more inside
The amero conspiracy. "The North American Union is a supranational organization, modeled on the European Union, that will soon fuse Canada, the United States, and Mexico into a single economic and political unit. The details are still being worked out by the countries' leaders, but the NAU's central governing body will have the power to nullify the laws of its member states. Goods and people will flow among the three countries unimpeded, aided by a network of continent-girdling superhighways. The US and Canadian dollars, along with the peso, will be phased out and replaced by a common North American currency called the amero...If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing."
Monkey brains use web link to control robot legs more inside
mini Massive Mofirc Meetup: Further details inside and in the link more inside
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