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January 31, 2007

Moonites Paralyze Boston A marketing stunt for cable channel TBS's Aqua Teen Hunger Force backfired hideously because the geniuses behind the stunt forgot to notify the Boston Police Department. They are very sorry, however. Bugmenot login/pass for boston.com
Police Eliminator Radar Detector Enforcement vehicles with speed measuring devices disappear just before you approach, then reappear after you pass. Officers are unharmed and unaware they have briefly visited a parallel universe. Enjoy your high speed riding in total security and confidence.
National Monkey Gorilla Suit Day
A damned dirty rip-off from that other place
Piesse's Smell Organ more inside
Oh no!
The Running Man [YouTube]? No, a Japanese game show. [via Emptyflower]
Subjugation by James Galloway is a free, unpublished, and entrancing science fiction novel. The Faey are relatively mild as conquering alien overlords go. Within the first couple of paragraphs they peacefully take over the earth and turn it into a farming colony. Unfortunately the human residents are seen as little more than useful serfs to pull in the harvest. From the same author there is also the Kael Chronicles, a high fantasy epic (of about 8 novels) with a highly detailed and diverse world. more inside
Curious George: what're you keeping cool? Go on: swing that fridge door wide and take a quick candid photo. Betcha wish you had one of these beauties. more inside
I now have a reason to go to France. (YouTube)

January 30, 2007

The Other Iran Flash movie of stills of modern day Iran. more inside
Arthead. "Each feature is written entirely by the artist, revealing only what they feel and want you to know about the featured piece."
A day in the life of the Soviet Union vol.I - and A day in the life of the Soviet Union vol.II. more inside
Armed America This isn't a book about guns. It's a book about people. Whether it's 39% or 50% of Americans, it's still an awful lot of people. I started wondering just who they were, what they looked like, and how they lived. . . . I realized that I could probably photograph a hundred people in two months, but it wasn't a number of people that was important, it was their stories -- a cowboy in Texas, a survivalist in Montana, a deer hunter in Pennsylvania, a sheriff in Georgia, a soldier in Idaho.... What I really needed, I realized, was to get moving, to drive across the country and find America somewhere between here and there. via J-Walk blog more inside
It's a big place to get lost in A few historical links through the wild spaces of Asia, The Pax Mongolica and some images -- for that slow work week.

January 29, 2007

This week in January marks not one, not two, but all three disasters that have occurred in the near half-century of America's manned spaceflight program. In fact, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire that killed Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chafee. Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the Challenger explosion, a day which I remember very vividly. Finally, Thursday will be the 4th anniversary of the re-entry accident which destroyed the shuttle Columbia -- an incident that seems to have slipped much of the public attention that the Challenger accident received, but has probably had more effect on NASA's manned flights than either of the other ones. more inside
Bush's Presidential Liberry: Tower of Babel Aiming to raise $500 Billion in donations, the George W. Bush Presidential Library would cost more than all other presidential libraries combined. Controversy around the library, involves an executive order that reverses the Presidential Records act. (The Presidential Records act makes presidential records available to the public after twelve years. Or it used to. Before the 9/11 freedom-loving terr'ist peoples of the world watched this drive.) more inside
Anonymous, George: Valentine's Day So I need help with Valentines Day. Two levels of difficulty: first, I'm a poor college student; second, I'm round about 1800 miles from Chicago, where she lives. I know her roommates so I could arrange something that way but I would love to hear some monkeys' romantic (but cheap) ideas.
The Rehabilitation of Cesare Borgia. In search of tourists, the people of Viana want to upgrade his memorial into something more impressive. more inside
Curious George: Ayahuasca I've been considering going to South America to take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony for some time now. I can do all sorts of linky-linkies but anyone who knows how to do an internet search can find out what Ayahuasca is, and those who's knowledge I am seeking will not need any links. What I am wondering is how to contact underground groups that are holding guided Ayahuasca ceremonies in my home town area (greater Southern California). more inside
Why is there a Nazi Blimp over Manhattan? Beats me.
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