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September 18, 2007

Music and amnesia. Oliver Sacks writes about Clive Wearing. [Via MindHacks.]
The McCollough Effect - seemingly a very long-lasting afterimage effect, although it appears to have a quite different mechanism. more inside
Whatever happened to Baby K?
The role of genetic dialogs in The Sopranos. "There are twenty one explicit references to genetics and DNA in seasons one through six of HBO’s The Sopranos...All of them...remind us of...the dialectic of nature and nurture that animates Tony’s complex struggles, and the nucleus of Tony’s universe: the family."
13 Tricks to Motivate Yourself Go for Five - Start working for five minutes. Often that little push will be enough to get you going. Move Around - Get your body moving as you would if you were extremely motivated to do something. This ‘faking it’ approach to motivation may seem silly or crude, but it works. What voo do you do to get things done so well? via lifehacker
A Real Life Mermaid Double amputee Nadya Vessey is about to become New Zealand's first mermaid. Thanks to the awesome generosity of Weta Workshop. more inside
RIP Robert Jordan Best selling author, mostly known for his Wheel of Time fantasy series.
Blind guy takes out mugger. Trying to steal from geezers is dangerous these days (see here or here). So this guy thought he'd play it safe and assault a blind dude. Are things so vastly messed up in this day and age that a hard working criminal can't even find an easy mark?
New Pong! Control the paddle by tilting your laptop (sorry, mac only). more inside
Ernie Chambers is Suing God The Nebraska Senator is looking for a permanent injunction against God and his followers for making terroristic threats. God did not immediately respond to a non-denominational prayer for comment by [the] reporter.