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June 15, 2007

McDonald's UK is answering EVERY question posted to them. Stolen from the blue, but I honestly laughed until I cried
Stunning monkeys! At peacay's gorgeous site. The one on the right is Kitworthy, no?
I think of Dean Moriarty. It's the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of On the Road. The work itself is much older, and is still spawning controversy and lame rip-offs. Go back and reread the original, 'cuz Jack's America is long gone.
Another 5 ways to hustle free drinks Try these bets and you'll never have to pay for another drink again! This is a follow up to the Top 5 ways to hustle free drinks blog post that circulated around the internet a month ago.
LMNOPUZ is a collaborative, online crossword puzzle. I think it's gonna take them awhile to work out the bugs (it times out a lot and has occasional glitches), but what a killer app!
How to fly hassle-free with sex toys. If you're one of the 500,000 (half a million!) people traveling to San Francisco for this year's Pride Parade, before you pack your one suitcase of sweaters and hot pants (you'll need both) and your five suitcases of sex toys, think about the TSA for a minute. (Ugh, not like that.) Sure, uniforms are hot, and some of you may have those nonconsensual cavity-search fantasies rarin' to go, but save your fetishes for Pink Saturday and pack your sex toys with care. Otherwise, be prepared to have your expensive toy collection ripped apart by security dogs and your favorite dick detonated by the feds. Imagine arriving and having to explain, "Honey, they blew up the Ballsy Jeff Stryker 10-inch."
Coal Fire Burns Beneath Town Since 1962 The town of Centralia, Pennsylvania is all but abandonded now. 46 years ago, a carelessly set garbage fire set a vein of coal in the mines below the town on fire. more inside