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March 22, 2007

Uyghur goes pop! Fully downloadable album (with samples to try before you don't buy) of pop music from Xinjiang, aka East Turkestan, home to the Uyghur.
THE List Dahling, it's simply scrumptious! Peek in on the lives of the ultrarich and ├╝berbeautiful. via Boingsy Boingington
Cufflights! Hack your sleeves, dude.
Aquarium toilet - who could possibly wee with all those witnesses? Video! more inside
MPAA unleashes anti-piracy dogs. Lucky and Flo recently sniffed out 1,000,000 pirated DVD discs in Malaysia. However, miffed "syndicate bosses" have placed a bounty on their heads.
McDonald's lobbies the O.E.D. to redefine 'McJob'.
The Science of Biomonitoring: The Future of Advertising!
Everything you wanted to know about Greek gods but were afraid to ask. Includes galleries, family trees, a bestiary, and a library of a fair few translations of Greek and Roman source texts. And it has monkeys. more inside
Papa Spank! Unintentionally funny comic vignettes for your amusement... alas, no monkeys.
LRB review of new book on the Velvet Underground. I has three chords.
Designing rooms for your home? Could you live comfortably with what they've come up with, or is this design for design's sake? more inside