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January 24, 2007

Do You Believe in Magic? NYTimes article on magical thinking. Via Mind Hacks.
Perl poetry. Poetry on any subject, written in Perl.
At least one gas problem has been solved! Though I suppose someone might need to develop some new mufflers...
Turkmenbashi Part II? Ahead of Turkmenistan’s presidential election, the successor to Saparmurad Niyazov — the so-called Father of the Turkmens — has emerged: Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, the former health minister.
50 Fun Facts About Credit Cards Okay, let's face it "facts" are never fun and "credit cards" are only fun half of the time. So how can this be fun? I dunno, it just is. Ever notice all your credit cards are of uniform shape and size? Their dimensions are governed by the ISO 7810 standard, an international standard for identification cards. Banking cards, as well as driver’s licenses and retail cards, follow ID-1 (passports follow ID-3). If your card has a smart chip, it follows ISO 7816, and if it has RFID, it follows ISO 14443. Interested to know what’s on the magnetic stripe? Check out this breakdown of the three tracks on Wikipedia (the rest of the page explains other magnetic stripes). via J-Walk blog
Curious George's first cell phone. I need to buy Mother Renault a cell phone -- we simply haven't had cause to buy one before, not living in an urban area, everyone we would call otherwise readily available, etc., etc. (Yes, we're hicks.) What should we look for as first-time cell phone buyers? more inside
Curious George Gets a Virus: My girlfriend's laptop has got a virus... maybe? more inside
"Just like a mini mall" youtube via Waxy
From the jaws of a shark comes a ripping yarn The shark had the diver's head in its jaws, but marine experts say it chewed him then spat him out when it realised he was not a seal. "He was actually bitten by the head down," said a friend and fellow diver. "The shark swallowed his head."