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September 30, 2006

Hello, Cleveland Investigitave Journalism at its finest- Cleveland's WKYC Investigitave Reporter, Carl Monday, goes after a teenage boy he finds looking at porn and wanking in a public library, in a six-part, 22-minute series, where he badgers the kid and the kid's parents, in some sort of attempt to seem superior, while wearing a clichéd trench coat. So, The Daily Show (YT video) takes the piss out of Carl in kind. via. Meanwhile, Osama is still at large.
A new episode of "the Burg" has finally been posted, making fun of hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Funny stuff.
Memories of the Battle of Cable Street, seventy years on.
On The Subject of BOOKS J.D.Salinger is on this list, as are John Steinbeck and Mark Twain. Somewhat astounding, to say the least.
Taking a the piss? Veselin Topalov is threatening to quit after accusing his opponent at the World Chess Championship, Vladimir Kramnik, of taking an excessive number of toilet breaks (more than fifty a game, apparently). more inside
Youtube in MeWorld I have noticed a lot of links and varied reactions to utube. more inside

September 29, 2006

A post I saw on that other [meta]filter about Waterboarding Unfortunately informative. Makes me squirm, especially as an american...
A personal library is an X-ray of the owner's soul. "What interests me about other people's books is the nature of their collection. A personal library is an X-ray of the owner's soul. It offers keys to a particular temperament, an intellectual disposition, a way of being in the world. Even how the books are arranged on the shelves deserves notice, even reflection. There is probably no such thing as complete chaos in such arrangements." Curious George, Weekend Lit Edition: Pick five books from your collection that are the x-ray of your soul.
Teoria provides on-line music tutorials and exercises for people who would like to know what those black dots on the funny lines mean. Every Good Boy Deserves FPPs. (Flash)
Two jerks smuggled monkeys in pants; also leopard cubs, orchids, birds of paradise So I saw this on Fark, and the monkey reference caught my eye. Appearing on Fark, does that mean that it is redundant to post it here? Anyway, what a bunch of jerks, I am sorry that the leopard and the monkeys didn't bite off his Chinese Penis Emporium.

September 28, 2006

Daddy's girl. Millionaire Bruce McMahan loved his daughter so much, he married her. You can find documents (such as the results of a DNA test on a vibrator key to the case) and the daughter's videotaped deposition here.
US Republican-Owned Govenment Allows Torture, Gets Rid of Habeas Corpus Yes, an agreement to torture prisoners, deny them a hearing, and file it under the subject of "fighting terrorism" is on it's way to being passed. As one wag has it: "The bill simply removes a suspect’s right to challenge his detention in court. This is a rule of law that goes back to the Magna Carta in 1215. That pretty much leaves the barn door open." For Fuck's Sake people. more inside
Nano photosynthesis ? "Solar energy is seen by many people as the future in sustainable energy .." Here's something benign, in nanolayers - How it works.
Free Ice Cream at any Cold Stone Creamery tonight from 5-8. I'm not generally a Cold Stone Creamery fan. They strike me as sort of the Starbucks of the ice cream world. I mean, what is it now $12 for a single scoop? But hey, free ice cream, dude.
Billy Bragg's current fav video. More YouTubey goodness. more inside
Free Hug Campaign! [youtube] This is a story about Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. Hug a stranger today in the spirit of the free hugs campaign! more inside
Four on the floor I see your four year old playing the drums and raise you this 3 year old rocking out. Oh yeah, well I have a 2 year old playing drums (not as well admittedly). Yeah well I have a fetus playing the congas but I haven't uploaded it yet. (all youtube)

September 27, 2006

The Evolution of the Speechballoon.
The Big Picture: Edward Burtynsky. A new documentary is coming out on Edward Burtynsky, the photographer who documents industrial landscapes like a Kubrick on steroids. more inside
Is the Economic Deck Stacked Against Healthcare for the Elderly? {Scroll Down}
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