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August 31, 2006

Overheard at the beach.
15 Aliens found working for U.S. military contractor in Roswell, NM more inside
Grackles - Common Grackles, Grackle facts, The Great-Tailed Grackle Mysteries, Grackle Whacked, and the Great Grackle Migration. more inside
Strangely compelling ... a guide to the UK's most rubbish motorways ...
Hot Dog Infused Vodka "Over the years, I've tried various sorts of infusions, with vodka and other liquors. Fruit and herb-infused are the best known, and are often wonderful. But what I like is meat. Where's the infusion for people like me? I felt disenfranchised, and alone, especially after some research on the interwebs revealed a real lack of meat-based liqueurs. It would be up to me to blaze the trail." more inside
Thank you choosing HP. US soldier in I-Rak takes his customer services woes out on his HP printer with what looks like an M60. Worth it just to hear what sounds like Dr Zoidberg passing comment at the end. Yes, it's YouTube, and yes, it's taken from here
Mt E'Mei's monkeys are too damned fat. 'E'Mei Mountain monkeys have been busy keeping healthy recently and now many of them have regained nice slim figures with the help of experts.' And they aint the only ones having trouble with their diet. /pats tum more inside
Curious George How does one get banned from slashnet.org when all they have ever done was join #mofirc to chat with monkeys? more inside

August 30, 2006

I know I need this how about you?
Historic brothel may be demolished, or perhaps restored. That's the dilemma facing heritage officials in Jinggang, Hunan. more inside
Youth Against Sudoku
96 kilobytes WHAT .kkrieger is a free FPS game that, when running, displays graphics like this (running on my own machine) but what is really fancy is that the whole game takes up no more than 98304 bytes of hard disk space. Say hello to procedural generation! more inside
Andrew Lloyd Webber to make "Master and Margarita" into musical.
Disney straight-to-DVD animated feature to follow.
Rumsfeld says Iraq War Critics Are Cowards Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday accused critics of the Bush administration's Iraq and counterterrorism policies of lacking the courage to fight terror. In unusually explicit terms, Rumsfeld portrayed the administration's critics as suffering from "moral and intellectual confusion" about what threatens the nation's security. In other news, reality turns out to be optional. more inside
Free-ish music If you live in the US and Canada, anyway.

August 29, 2006

A paradise may soon be lost. The island of Guimaras, known for its natural splendor and rich coral reefs, faces disaster: An oil spill from a sunken tanker is endangering this place, a home to threatened species of dugong and green and hawksbill turtles. more inside
All the Goon Shows, all the time.
The Yes Men "have impersonated some of the world's most powerful criminals at conferences, on the web, and on television, in order to correct their identities." Yesterday, a federal housing official spoke to the attendees of the Gulf Coast Reconstruction and Hurricane Preparedness Summit. The topic of his speech was his department's mission to ensure affordable housing is available for those who need it. "This year, in New Orleans, I'm ashamed to say we have failed," he said. That should've been their first clue that the speech was a hoax. more inside
Platypus Comix- Home of a trove of wonderful cartoons comic strips and art, including my favorites- non-anthologized original Bloom County Strips and The Bloom Picayune, and unpublished Watterston stuff. And a whole lot of other retrolicious stuff too, like Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, and MTV's top 20 videos for 1984
A tribute to Gail, the West Wing goldfish. Gail's bowl is the setting for private on-set jokes, apparently. Those jokes, funny or not, are listed here. For you. Enjoy.
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