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November 01, 2006

Desert Eagle on Ebay "Bidding starts at 11,000,000 or roughly the hourly cost of the Iraq war according to the Congressional Budget Office report of July 13, 2006."
The US obeyed an order from the Iraqi PM to withdraw from checkpoints around Sadr City in Iraq yesterday. Sadr City is controlled by the Mahdi Army militia run by radical anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The checkpoints were established last week as part of a search for a missing soldier, kidnapped by the militia and held in the city. The Iraqi PM told the US to scram, and our bold leaders acquiesced without a fight, abandoning one of our own. more inside
Vernon Robinson for Congress The most over the top ad ever. Anti-Gay? Check. Anti-Immigrant? Check. Anti-Black single parents? Check. Anti-Separation of Church and State? Check. Anti-Flag Burning (a pointless act, if ever there was one). Yes, American, Vernon Robinson has it all!
Curious George: There are those who say there is no God I ask you. As one human to another. Convince me there is a God.
PW Botha Gets the Gas Face.*
*In this case, "gets the gas face" is code for "has died". more inside