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October 24, 2006

Bush Uses The Google Yes, hot on the heels of the megahit "The Internets", the red hot despotic act POTUS releases a new single The Google, on which the eponymous "Google Maps" is misunremembered, but email - is eschewed. more inside
Son of Weird Animal News! We lead with a Snoring Horse that has a life-saving operation on its hooter. Elsewhere, a duck kills a giant Pike but does not live to quack. And that's not all! more inside
Tokyo Zombie! LA Zombie! Florence Zombie! Texas Zombie! Hawaii Zombie! Adelaide Zombie! Winnipeg Zombie! New York Zombie! Kitchener Zombie! At radio free #mofirc [listen!] we have a lot of zombies. What we need is some fresh blood and brains.... Mmmmm braaaains.... more inside
The 2006 Living Planet Report was released by the WWF today. The group’s biennial statement on the state of the natural world, says that on current projections humanity will be using two planets’ worth of natural resources by 2050 — if those resources have not run out by then. more inside
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Phase toy Via things magazine
Something Stinks in Norway The smell of home ... more inside
Boing Boing Blogs Beautiful Book Building, Bashes 'Bashi. Brilliant! more inside
Pumpkin Carving With Klingons. And a cat. via