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October 23, 2006

Amazing New Product! Erstaunliches Neues Produkt! Products. Useful. Sleek. You will buy or possibly make them! vom blauen Filter der Liebe
Foley-Phile? Play along at home with the Mark Foley action figure! With kung-fu grip (on a bottle of hooch) and pants-falling fun! more inside
Guinevere Project cancelled - I don't know why, but something has happened to the British Rocket Group's project to send a probe to Mars.
Coke vs. Pepsi takes on a new meaning in San Juan Chamula, a village where Mayan indigenous beliefs intersect with Christianity. While it is illegal to take photos inside the local church [based upon a Mayan belief regarding the travel of the soul through mirrors], you can catch a glimpse here [if you dare!]
Identify the movies depicted with office supplies I just cannot get the one with the markers on either side of the dotted line or the one with the person under the roll of tape, despite searching here and here
Rendez-vous des singes. Roryk and I are having a monkey meetup somewhere in Paris, on Monday, November 20th. Sometime after 18h00. Please consider this your open invitation to join us, and/or suggest where we could go to stop our blood-alcohol levels from becoming dangerously low. more inside
Pictures of Geckos Eating Jam - Geckos at Wikipedia. Do you like Geckos?