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October 20, 2006

Urinetown: The Musical! The show is meant to be a comedy, featuring satire of the corporate world, sight gags, parodies of musical theatre conventions in general and Les Misérables in particular, and jokes that poke fun at the show itself (including the unattractive title). more inside
Curwee-wee-us George I am confused about this new obsession/toilet fetish. more inside
Knicker Vicar to the Rescue Concerned clergyman bravely confronts New Zealand's chronic underwear shortage. more inside
Splice (make music online)
Line Rider Draw a line, hit "play", watch the sled guy ride it. Simple. Friday. Flash. Fun. Wheeeeeeee!
The Dark Side of Tufty the Road Safety Squirrel. Because it's time to move ON, people! via
Libraries as pr0n for book-lovers. I imagine some of these libraries feature urinals... Ooh, yeah baby, show it to me, baby, show it all to me. You know what Daddy likes.
Point WC, l'escale bien-ĂȘtre (the well-being rest stop) Luxury public toilets. The main website (in French). more inside
Urina Hurry? No pot to piss in? Use a portable urinal. Could be useful in Turkmenistan.
When the gods drank urine. A Tibetan myth may help solve the riddle of soma, sacred drug of ancient India.
Piss Off
Maca denies wife pot in which to piss. The Evening Standard reports Mills filed a 13-page petition with the court in London, alleging, among other things, that McCartney "would not let her have an antique bedpan under their bed to save her crawling to the bathroom at night."
Indonesian Urinal etiquette in case you find yourself in a rut. Don't know why, but the urinals of Jakarta often have massive ice chunks in the bowl
The Sloan Flushometer Urinals wouldn't be what they are today were it not for the innovation of William Elvis Sloan (1867-1961), inventer of the Sloan Valve Company Royal Flushometer. This amazing feat of urinal engineering prevents the need to use unsightly toilet tanks and delivers a precise and reliable amount of water every flush. Every time you flush a urinal think highly of Sloan! Uh, not that one.
Sure, you know about urinals, but do you know how to use them? more inside
Urinal game! Interactive urinal uses the pee stream to control a character. More aiming fun: - mothball soccer, anyone?
Public toilets of Australia Also contains urinals.
Controversial Urinals Removed! You know, these charming conversation pieces.
URINALS IN SPACE!!!! The "HabLab" module is part of the international Space Station, currently in orbit around the Earth. more inside