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October 19, 2006

URINALS AROUND THE WORLD via everlasting blört
Finally, the internet on a disk. Odd ramblings on web stuff and other random topics: "Why didn't God create little green mammals?", "Another Product that Doesn't Exist Yet, but Would be a Natural...", and my personal favorite, "You Can't Take It With You. com...". more inside
Curious birthday poetry George - A friend of mine has a birthday near. I'll gift her a poem for her to hear. I'm stuck for titles of such rhymes. I hope the monkeys can save me time. more inside
Is it time to link Russia and the f-word? The Economist says that the signs are worrisome. more inside
U.S. school bans tag fearing lawsuits. T.O. school banned talking during lunch.
The complete works of Charles Darwin online, free and searchable. Not just the published stuff, but some things that have never before seen the light of day, such as field notes including the notes he took on the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy, monkeys!
Masturbate for peace. Because you can't love others without loving yourself first. (Also, assume this is NSFW.)
"Your words are lies, Sir. They are lies that imperil us all." -- Keith Olbermann. (Crooks and Liars link; content available as txt, WMV and MOV.) more inside