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September 08, 2006

Foreign Aid Usless Forget foreign aid, a report released Thursday by the Fraser Institute says, what poor countries really need is open markets, economic freedom and a point in the right direction. ...the Vancouver-based right-wing think tank says foreign aid perpetuates a spiral of poverty, with poor nations left to rely on more hand-outs. more inside
Go on da Dan! "Dan Clancy" (QT) is Pat Shortt, Killinaskully's resident know it all. Pat Shortt is one of Ireland's most famous comedians, but sadly most of you have probably never heard of him. He scored a big hit with his song "Jumbo Breakfast Roll" (mp3); an ode to Ireland's favorite breakfast treat, (note: if eaten; it will most likey kill you). On Killinaskully Pat is cast as most of the characters of this fictional Tipperary village. Here are some more clips for your amusement. Happy Friday.
Ewe'll be sorry Yes, you really, really will.
8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons The Smurfs thought us communism works. Scooby Doo taught us t trust no one. Things to carry with you always, really.
Music at Aurgasm, and here, at The Hype Machine, and here, at kexp.com, and here, at e-mule. more inside
CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Good for a brief chuckle. (Or corporate espionage.) via bb.