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August 28, 2006

Curious George - Full Sized DVD Camcorder? Needed: a camcorder that records directly to full size DVD, and not that mini-DVD 3" format. We need the big one. Not the mini. more inside
Federal Judge Says Video Games Are Just Like Fine Literature Oh, and Louisiana can't ban Grand Theft Auto.
Walkenclips, for when you just need the wise words of the man who asked for more cowbell.
Yale Shmale. Lakehead University is using Bush as a negative example in their new ad campaign. more inside
Animusic Rocks. My dull monday morning has been brightened up by the fun musical 3d animations of the Animusic company which specializes in 3D Computer Graphic music animation. And thanks to Youtube you can check out how awesome this stuff is. more inside
Curious Cyber-fashion George With more high-tech fabrics being developed - what item of clothing or accessory are you hanging out for? more inside
A lost love letter purported to be from poet John Betjeman turns out to have an altogether different message for one of his feuding biographers, the somewhat controversial AN Wilson.