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August 25, 2006

Talk about shrinkage. They say "pollution". I say "frelling cold water". But while we're on the subject. More wacky news. And who could forget. /farkfilter
Imagination is this week's dose of Flash goodness coming in the form of a site that sort of reminds me of Jackson Pollock meets Ze's Drawtoy VS Byokal.
T.O. lab to test DNA of Mystery Dog. Scientists are confused, as the beast that's been terrorizing Maine looks nothing like Cujo.
Bush Stinks! If you elect a frat boy as President of the United States, don't be surprised if he enjoys farting and making others smell it. via y2karl's Flatulence Fiesta
Linux-Curious I've been thinking about switching to Linux for awhile, but not a hundred percent sure if I should...Help! more inside
That only makes eleven (plus one mislaid) and not fourteen, unless wizards count differently to other people. But now please get on with the tale. Recently (sometime between May and July depending on who you ask) people started receiving spam messages that slipped by filters by containing random bits of prose from the works of JRR Tolkien. Dubbed "hobbit spam," these emails contained nothing else- no links, no images, no advertisements of any kind. more inside
Kaleidoscopes! Everything about kaleidoscopes. Brief history of the kaleidoscope. A quick faq about kaleidoscopes. How kaleidoscopes work. More on how kaleidoscopes work. more inside
Gods Armour Pyjamas - no really. With 121 days till Xmas, its the ideal prezzie for scared suburban bible-thumping, intelligent design-weilding,bug-eyed neo-con zionist dogma-monkeys. There. Said it. Via Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival