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August 18, 2006

Screw the homophobes. By getting them to send you free stuff. Keep it, sell it, use it as a gag gift. Just take money out of thier hateful hands. Also, if you don't know The Stranger, I recommend you check out Savage Love while you're there. SFW.
Ronald McHummer sign-o-matic! Slow Friday afternoon? C'mon monkeys, show me your love! more inside
Eat my dust Lance and Floyd On April 22, 1884, Thomas Stevens set out from San Francisco on a penny farthing. Arriving in Boston on August 4, 1884, he was off again the following April en route through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and China. He returned to San Francisco in December 1886. With minimal supplies, no support team, few roads, and despite hostile natives, he managed to travel around the world. more inside
Shift. Some Friday Flash Fun for you all. If you enjoyed Samarost and its sequel (mentioned here before) you might get lost in this game. Enjoy! more inside
Taking your service monkey to the airport. The TSA screeners are trained professionals. They know how to handle your monkey. Stand by for the diaper inspection.
Bulldogs: brutal, loyal, or lovers of funny mischiefs and dressing up? more inside
Sarcasm Defined Ryan Air is just a little perturbed about the new screening features.
The Tesla Engine Builders Association "was formed in April of 1993 to provide accurate information and assistance to those interested in building reproductions of Tesla’s engine that would perform properly." more inside
The True Christian Church of Christ, like other Xian domatists, takes care in quoting the scripture . Less than serious is the treatment. Is this site an attempt at humor against the hatred of fundamentalism only or does it seem to implicate all Xians? References to Reginald Finley and Matthew Shepard (don't forget the shadow of Fred Phelps). Of course, Creationism gets a treatment. more inside
Who's whose in the DC universe? more inside