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August 11, 2006

Insect closeups. Get to know the housefly, ant, hornet, honeybee, and many other friends up close and personal!
Photos taken from the Z Backscatter X-Ray machine. via Coudal
Escher for Real The work of M.C. Escher needs no introduction. We have all learned to appreciate the impossibilities that this master of illusion's artwork presents to the layman's eye. Nevertheless, it may come as a surprise for some, but many of the so-called 'impossible' drawings of M. C. Escher can be realized as actual physical objects. more inside
No! No! No! Are you an overly protective parent, and want everyone else to know? Concerned that some other caregiver may give your precious offspring something they shouldn't have? Then this is the product for you! more inside
Adjust Your Scales . It was a bit of a shake-up then!
What's it like to attend a movie publicity junket? A freelance writer named Eric Snider found out on the publicity tour for World Trade Center. And when he wrote honestly about the experience, the studio retaliated.
James Van Allen dies James Van Allen, discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belt and designer of the instrumentation on Explorer I (the United States' first artificial satellite), winner of the National Medal of Science, and all around nice guy, died Wednesday at 91. So, next time you look up and see an aurora, think of Van. more inside
GIGANTOR! Cartoonist Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Gigantor's creator, died two years ago. more inside
Curious, George-slash-MOFI EURO MEETUPS!!11!1 It's the classtool family European vacation! Hey kids! Big Ben! Parliament! Exclamation point! And there's more inside
A short video (warning: Flash) about severl of the photos we have heard about recently involving Lebanon This is a short flash video from Aish that points out several of the faked and staged photos that we have seen from Lebanon. Some of photos you have almost certainly seen, some you may not have. more inside