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August 08, 2006

CuriousGeorge: What happened to phone etiquette? I remember it being usual say "goodbye" at the conclusion of a telephone conversation. more inside
Rum punch A new bar in eastern China is offering customers an unusual outlet for anger - by allowing them to use the staff as punching bags, state media said today.
Amazon Grocery Reviews Via Metafilter more inside
Wank like there's no tomorrow The record, apparently, is seven-and-a-half hours. This must require rigorous training. Go to it, lads and lasses.
Film Director in Trouble Over Swastika T-Shirt A German film director (of Turkish descent) is being investigated for wearing a "Bush" t-shirt with a swastika instead of an "s". In Germany, the swastika symbol is illegal even as an intended insult. Apparently, it's even illegal for Der Spiegel to show a picture of the T-shirt! more inside
He was almost the first... .....but he got beat out..... more inside
Curious Conglomerating George: Antiques? Stamps? Fine art? Matchbooks? Pez dispensers? Is there something in your monkey habitat that is beginning to look suspiciously like a collection without your realizing it?
Hidden Pictures There are nine dolphins in this picture. At least that's what they say. Where? (I can only find six.)