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August 07, 2006

Bay Area (Berkeley?) Meetup Plans are afoot for some kind of meeting of the monkeys and monkey-like people this coming Saturday (8/12). Nothing definite yet, but it seems like it maybe something in the 7 o'clock range, location as yet to be determined. more inside
Curious George: What, think you're an expert or something? What are you a bona fide expert in? more inside
If we allow gloryholes in Nyack, the terrorists will win. Or so Stephen Baldwin says. more inside
Being a loner reduces immunity and heart health. Which is too bad, given that, in the U.S. in any case, we've become a society of loners. (The article in the second link was expanded into a recent noteworthy book.) more inside
Curious George: Blacklight photography with a digital camera I need some help with digital photography. This is the problem: I take a photograph at night with a blacklight only to get an image that is okay, but basically purple and missing the detail I'm looking for. more inside
Who's the boss? He said, she said. I have no idea if "Liz Jones" and "Nirpal Dhaliwal" are real people. I rather hope they are not and this is all to help sell a book, but either way, why not read about their marriage from each perspective? more inside
Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD. Ay caramba, that's depressing.