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August 04, 2006

Hilarious House of Frightenstein! The best kids' show EVA is back on the air, BABY, to teach children all about hippies, vampire midgets, eastern philosophy, recreational drugs, 70s proto-trip-hop, the Grammar Slammer, a gorilla being knocked out repeatedly by baseballs, more drugs, early rave culture, lessons about animals, confused racial stereotypes, pie-in-the-face and fat-man jokes, and of course, chilling poetry as performed by the incomparable Vincent Price. They don't make 'em like this any more... more inside
Powers of ten (pictures) Powers of ten (video) Powers of ten (simpsons)
Goose Clothes Everyday Outfits, Halloween Outfits, or even Patriotic Outfits more inside
Igor Sivanowicz photographs invertebrates. Perv. more inside
disappearing zine will attempt to address the various things disappearing from the world. So too, a blog called "what I killed today".
Sharp pointy teeth They've attacked presidents, police, and dogsleds...... more inside
Digital Domesday Britain's earliest surviving public record now available in a searchable online format. Some decent background on 11th century England linked off the main page too.
Johnston Atoll is up for sale! Never heard of this Pacific-Island retreat? Let me tell you more. The atoll consists of four coral islands surrounded by reef. Like the beautiful island nation of Nauru, US-owned Johnston Atoll was mined of its guano deposits in the 19th century. After World War Two, it was used as a thermonuclear testing site and chemical disposal site for mustard and nerve gas until three years ago. Now this picturesque, isolated stretch of reclaimed land in the middle of the Pacific is available to you! (We recommend you bring your own water.) more inside
The Boston Tea Partay! Holla! [YouTube]