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July 28, 2006

Vegan diet reverses diabetes symptoms, study finds Also, there's a difference between vegan and vegetarian. more inside
Cobra is on the move again. I am a sucker for anything transformer or GI Joe related. Apparently some people found the recruitment pamphlet persuasive previously discussed here. And the commander's campaign (flash) is multifaceted. I just didn't know he was Jewish. Not related to other tin foil hat theories. more inside
Dance, pipecleaner, dance! more inside
Castle Dreamers A Flickr photoset, in the fantasy genre.
Curious, George: Recipe Hacks I am a lazy monkey, especially in this summer heat, so while I enjoy cooking, sometimes I want I dip into the instant food aisle. But it lacks a certain something, so I doctor it up a bit and make it taste less like it's from a box. What sorts of things to do you add (other than a few shots of bourbon for the chef, of course) to your prefab meals to make them taste a little better? more inside
Fred of London via