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July 26, 2006

One, two, poo in your shoe; three, four, wee on the floor Except for the words poo and wee, probably safe for work in all but the stuffiest establishments.
Web2.0ized logos: they're all shiny and stuff! [via]
Carrie: The Musical! In 1988, via a stunning convergence of bad ideas and money, producers attempted to reproduce the success of Steven King's novel (and the film adaptation) in a sprawling, $8 million Broadway style musical. more inside
News 14 Carolina gets pwnt From the site "On February 26, 2004, we had a snowstorm here in Raleigh, and all the news channels posted the businesses and schools that would be closed the next day. One of these fine news organizations, Time Warner Cable's News 14 Carolina, chose the most convenient but least secure method to allow businesses to report closings: the Internet. Well, it wasn't long before members of The Wolf Web, an NCSU message board, exposed this flaw. They went crazy, as you're about to see. The best part of the whole thing was once a closing was accepted, it could be edited on the Internet and would go straight to TV without having to be reviewed again, so a fake closing that seemed plausible the first time it was shown could be outrageous the next time." more inside
The Pigeon Fanciers of Damascus more inside
R.I.P. Patsy. Toronto Matriarch died Monday.
Burnin' Baby Burnin' They go whoosh! more inside
Curious George is hungry! Looking for recipes for foods I have previously had prepared by a Serbian friend. more inside
INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation points The Daily Kos hive mind parodies itself.