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July 24, 2006

Oxana is a feral child, one of only about 100 known in the world.
Star Wars Origins - Dune? Lucas has often acknowledged Dune as an inspiration. In early drafts of the Star Wars script the influence was much more obvious - the story was full of feudalistic Houses and dictums, and the treasure the Princess was guarding wasn't the Death Star plans, but a shipment of "aura spice." The final version of Star Wars is related to Dune mostly in spirit: a science fiction heroic fantasy treated seriously. Of all the ideas George Lucas inherited from Frank Herbert, the subtle lesson was how to use science fiction to create myth. His lesser borrowings might include: more inside
Comic Book Covers from the 1950s
More of everything the same on TV. We've talked about crap tv lately, and how everything is the same. Look for the trend to continue -- NBC will have the longstanding SNL, but there will also be two meta-SNL shows as well, supposedly going behind-the-scenes, competing visions of Aaron Sorkin and Lorne himself. Apparently, there's even a war brewing. more inside
Monkey pulls the tiger cub's tail, and I wonder what will happen when the tiger grows up.
Geekin' with Steve Steve "Malak" Sumner takes us on a tour of the high points of sci-fi/fantasy geek culture, including Art Critique, Feminism, and the all important Bad Ass Star Wars Characters. more inside
Go Go more inside
"You, too, can feel like a human in a hamster ball". "...suddenly I know how a daiquiri in a blender feels. I quickly lose track of sky and ground as we tumble upside down, left, right — and I'm suddenly plastered to the wall as the full 4 g's punch me in the face." more inside
He has been described as a modern Dr. Frankenstein.... The image of the severed head has a power in myth and art... more inside