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July 19, 2006

Captain Kirk and crew sing Monty Python. So do the Cybermen from Doctor Who. The song of course is "The Knights of the Round Table".
Curious George and his Crocs. This Croc fad is all over the place (it exploded in Ontario back in the spring, putting us disturbingly behind Mississippi), but when did they show up in your neck of the woods? Did you cave to the comfort, or are you still calling them fugly? more inside
How I create My Space on the Web? Curious George : Wife has just given birth to a gorgeous little girl and of course the 1st thing I do is register her name as a .com. Thinking I'll post photo's, progress reports etc on there. But what do I do now to actually get a website up and running and pointed at this address? Instructions for an idiot please.
Recent research, drawing on genetic data, suggests that the Anglo-Saxons must have instituted a system of 'apartheid' against the British. Previously some have proposed a gradualist theory. more inside
Suske en Wiske Forget Tintin, for many kids in Belgium and Holland it's all about Suske en Wiske. more inside
Attack of the Evil Clowns You can make your own evil clown or .... more inside
XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option How to completely rebuild, repair, or refresh an existing XP installation without losing data, and without having to reinstall user software, reformat, or otherwise destructively alter the setup.
The Big Lebowski - F*cking Short Version - YouTube. Approx 2 minutes. Not safe for work or family restaurants. Also, Kirk & TOS cast do Camelot. more inside
Curiosu George: Internet Radio! Let's all list our favorite internet radio stations, what kind of stuff they play, and why others would love that one station broadcast from XYZ that we love. It's been done before, but long long ago in a galaxy far far away. more inside
The Extreme Cellists are touring! Coming to a cathedral roof near you! In the same vein as Extreme Ironing, the Extreme Cellists pretty much do what you'd expect.
Regulator Of The Internet--knows nothing about the Internets. [YouTube Link] Jon, Stewart exposing that Senator Ted Stevens The legislator of Net Neutrality, knows absolutely nothing[The actual speech, quicktime required] about the internet. At all. The internet might be in for serious trouble. Here is an article explaining more about the issue, from PC Magazine.