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July 01, 2006

Cup Noodle You've just finished with a Crisis and are starting on a Civil War, but prepare yourself for the only comics that has truely touched all of out lives...CUP NOODLE: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL!!!
Bunnies Yawning. Rabbits having a bit of a yawn.
A rare behemoth of a beetle has been found in Wales, UK, where it was thought extinct since the 1700s. more inside
The 2006 Tour de France starts tomorrow... and some of the best contenders have been banned from the Tour, with possibly many more ejections to come. This all stems from a Spanish doping investigation called Operacion Puerto, which has apparently been building up for a while. see also more inside
Curious George - Where should I go? I've got about a month and a week starting in early August off from work and was considering a trip. I'm thinking Europe as I have never traveled that side of the pond but am open to alternate ideas. more inside
Curious George: Name my friends bar So my friend is opening a sports lounge bar in a basement space and they need an awesome catchy name. Any monkeys have sugestions? more inside