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June 30, 2006

The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA It's not surprising that an expert hired by EFF should produce an analysis that supports the group's case against AT&T. But last week's public court filing of a redacted statement by J. Scott Marcus is still worth reading for the obvious expertise of its author, and the cunning insights he draws from the AT&T spy documents. . . . With that in mind, here's the 27B Stroke 6 guide to detecting if your traffic is being funneled into the (AT&T) secret room on San Francisco's Folsom street. via more inside
Ails and Tails One has discovered than one is an Ailurophile. Given their venerable history, is it better to be thus than to be an Ailurophobe?
London Meetup MCVII (or something) I'm going to UK in mid-August, so.... more inside
Awesome Periodic Table of the Elements in Flash and another one that's not quite as awesome but super all the same done with Ajax. Requires FLASH for the first one, & JavaScript enabled in your browser for the second. SFW. No sound. Duh.
Singh, the man with the hat, Marwari, the horse with the ears If God didn't create the horse, He wouldn't have created the Rajputs The battle horse, animated, proud A beautiful American and a handsome Singh team up to save the modern Marwari more inside
Smashening and Splashening. Home made high-speed photography.