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June 27, 2006

McDonalds - Global Sanctum? "Indeed, despite its vaunted reputation as a juggernaut of American culture, McDonald's has come to function as an ecumenical refuge for travelers of all stripes. This is not because McDonald's creates an American sense of place and culture, but because it creates a smoothly standardized absence of place and culture — a neutral environment that allows travelers to take a psychic time-out from the din of their real surroundings." Still, I had fun visiting India, Russia, Japan, South Africa and some quirky Island. more inside
RIP Arif Mardin Ace record producer (Aretha, Averge White Band, Chaka Khan ...) rocks no more.
Man, I had forgotten how good Pete Seeger is. One thing I never knew though, was he had his own TV show. Luckily youtube has our back: The Weavers (he was a member) Mississippi John Hurt: part 1, part 2, and himself with Johnny and June Carter Cash. (For a little variety Pete on the Johnny Cash show.) more inside
The Thief and The Cobbler: Recobbled Filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist attempts to contruct of a final cut of Richard Williams epic, unfinished, animation project from a variety of sources that look like film, animatic, pencil tests, and video. more inside