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June 23, 2006

Celestia is an OpenGL based 3D space simulation for Windows, Mac and UNIX. I just like it because it appeals to the nerdy astronomer in me. Free yourself from the earthly perspective! more inside
Italy convicts blogger for defamation Better watch what you say, Monkeys... "It looks like the blogger is being punished for his bad language and not because he posted false information, which is unacceptable," Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said in a statement Friday.
Oldest Known Living Animal Isn't: Harriet the Tortoise has died at age 175 (+/-). more inside
James K Polk - One Tough Mother!@#$%&! James K Polk did not mess around. If you live in the western US like me, you can thank your American-ness to James K Polk. He even inspired a song [YouTube] by They Might Be Giants, not to mention many quirky high school history projects. With Manifest Destiny and all that, this must have been a completely different sort of country. Seems a lot crazier than what we have going on now...
Physics Limericks Warning: perceived humour may be knowledge dependent. more inside
Roses and many pictures of Roses more inside
On's imaginative planet Miyazaki is one Japanese genius, On is another, working on a somewhat smaller scale than the former, writing small highly entertaining Flash games. Is it only me that sense a certain spiritual similarity between the art of On and Miyazaki?
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