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May 26, 2006

Smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot... A new study finds, to it's and everyone else's surprise, that even heavy use of marijuana does not increase the incidence of lung cancer-- in fact, it may be somewhat preventative. more inside
Curious George: Stuck Laptop CD drawer! Help! I've borrowed a laptop from work and now the CD / disc draw won't open! more inside
Ten years of Calvin and Hobbes strips are available to view. There is also the Searchable database of C&H strips. more inside
Desmond Dekker drops dead at 65 Reggae legend Desmond Dekker has died suddenly from a heart attack, his manager has announced. RIP Israelite man
Here be Draculs. Want a use for that old huntin bow hangin round the place? This'll be the dream holiday. Anyone qualify?
Yep, birds. You know, real birds, not that kind of bird, you filthy monkey! (more after the jump) more inside
Quotations about the Internet
The net's a cross between an elephant and a white elephant sale: it never forgets, and it's always crap.
My Little Soundbombs
Infinite Zoom -- the coolest thing you'll see today. (Flash v10.1 req.)