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May 23, 2006

Scientists pour molten metal down ants' nests.
Pouring red-hot aluminum in the bottom of a 2-meter pit runs the risk of having ones socks catch on fire from the radiant heat.
Those wacky scientists. Via
Alchemy Notebook This gallery chronicles the creation of a modern notebook of alchemy, full of beautiful illustrations and mystical writing. more inside
Leek Spin It's the Hamster Dance for the 21st Century. Only good.
Beatle Moments pt. I and and II. A nifty blogbit on various bites of the Beatles. Trivia for some, scholarship for others. via some bluish thread
Diebold shouldn't design anything security related Diebold has essentialy stopped caring, "If it so happens that someone not supposed to use the machine—or an election official who wants to put his or her thumb on the scale of democracy—takes advantage of this fast track to fraud, that's not Diebold's problem," about public opinion, they have us locked in, thanks to our great leaders.
The Butterfly Ball. And from the department of I-had-no-idea comes this blast from the past (Youtube video). more inside