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May 22, 2006

This 3150 m (1.95 mile) long tunnel in Russia is the longest in-city tunnel of Europe. There is a river running over it and water leaks at some points. When the temperature reaches -38 degrees like it did during this footage, the road freezes and the result is the attached video taken during a single day with the tunnel camera. more inside
Could this be Hoff Jr?
Hourly Weather Hourly Point Weather forecast is a site I use almost everyday. I can't stand running in cold weather, so I try to plan my afternoon runs for the warmest part of the day. This site lets you factor in wind-chill and cloud cover, which makes a big difference when you're out in the elements. gmap-pedometer.com is another useful site that will let you map a route for distance and elevation. more inside
TVfolk.net hosts videos from a variety of Finnish traditional (and not so traditional) folk groups, as well as from many other Northern European countries - over 400 videos in all. And if you like what you hear, several of the artists are sold (at least in the US) through North Side, Nordic roots music, where there are mp3s and more information on the performers. (via metafilter) more inside
How do females chose mates? {[While big-antlered red deer are busy fighting each other to show a female who has the best rack, the doe sneaks off to mate with less well-endowed stags. Female red-winged blackbirds are not easily impressed, either. Having the most macho plumage has no detectable effect on how many offspring a male sireS" more inside
Global news, as it happens, via a nifty flash-based map of the world. May be an addictive way to get your news.