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May 16, 2006

Where to eat tonight? I think I'll go down to the Pink Taco. more inside
Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors - Now that's what I call a show! Warning: link contains a picture of a bear swatting a full grown barbary ape like a piƱata. more inside
The new MacBook is out. Discuss. more inside
Johnny Lechner discusses his decision to forego graduation from UW-Whitewater once more, and fit in a thirteenth year of undergrad. Apparently, Johnny hasn't worked his way through the entire course calendar yet.
Leonardo's Engines
Give it up Hitler! You lost already!! I know, Newsfilter, but amusing all the same...
For those who enjoy a challenge of definitons Simply a verbal intelligence test - more challenging than most it seems although that may only be my perspective. more inside
Odie the Pug says "I love you"
Dangling over sheer cliffs on rope ladders, traditional Nepalese honey hunters harvest the sweet goo produced by Himalayan cliff bees. more inside
Bio Mapping is a project being conducted by London artist Christian Nold which tracks how individuals' emotions change as they move from place to place while going about their day's business. Read more about it here.
Ugliest Dog EVER.