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April 28, 2006

The Aphrodite Project. Shoes for prostitutes. (SFW) more inside
Kymaerica WTF? Can some one 'splain this one? I like joking the mundanes as much as the next monkey, but these guys seem to have a complete alternate world history with no explanation of what's going on or how to participate even though they ask for donations. via Boing Boing
Foamy rules Foamy is my hero. Hilarious, some more than others.
Rembrandt's 400th birthday is coming up in July this year. Here's the Webmuseum's introduction to Rembrandt, and here's Rembrandt's house. According to legend, Rembrandt had a pet monkey: when it died, he was so upset he painted it into the family group he was working on at the time, causing the client to reject the picture. Some say the picture still exists, but I'm not convinced myself.
Rock Goddess, Jayne County
Bring It On! Ever wanted to be in the Royal NZ Air Force? Now's your chance with these amazing flash-based simulators! Airlift flooded farmers! Rebuild Polynesian villages! Build a Hercules C-130 out of paper! (Via Vishy)
Anxiety-Panic History. "Anxieties, Treatments and Disorders Throughout the Ages." A sample entry: "Electrical stimulation for therapeutic purposes is not new. At least two millennium [sic] ago, physicians used electric eels to relieve pain." Another (which Chy should enjoy): "the Crusaders fought a band of Moslem warriors known as 'hashshashin,' so called because they used hashish prior to battle to reduce fear and control pain." Sources cited.
Encouragement Kittens! --Kittens to make you happy, and feel good about yourself! Best of all, to give encouragement!
Curious George: Typeface. I'm trying to find the name of a typeface used by National Geographic in its paper maps. See this sample (e.g. "Thessaloniki") or this (all town names). All the samples I'm finding are too tiny to run through engines like WhatThe Font. more inside
a slide show of monkeys, some familiar, I'm sure... more inside