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April 13, 2006

Shonen Knife In December, the Japanese group Shonen Knife will have been around for 25 years. Here's a nice writeup of their history. They also have a new album coming out.
Help support Hoth's bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics
Lego "Thieves". An embedded video for the Ministry song (bad words make it NSFW). See a Lego mosh pit. See a huge robot thing rip off peoples' heads. See (for the first and only time anywhere) Al Jourgenson smile. Fast forward through the slow part in the middle.
Christmas Island Crabs This short video (~3 mins) shows the migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs, as they cross the island to . . umm. . spawn. Or have beaucoups de bebes or something. Fascinating footage for those of us on the topside of Ye Olde Earf, but not for the kabourophobic. Question: What is wrong with this picture? more inside
Google Calendar Launched
Castration: North Carolina Style Wow.
Authorities say they performed castrations and other types of genital surgeries on at least six people. Detectives searching the home found bloody scalpels, syringes, and prosthetic testicles in a room the men referred to as "the dungeon." Officers confiscated a video camera apparently used to record the procedures, as well as scores of CDs and computer files. They also seized a Tupperware container from the kitchen freezer holding what appeared to be human testicles.
Tourist George: I will be spending a few days on Vancouver soon, and ask local monkeys for tips on the city. more inside
Curious, George...new career? I'm seriously considering leaving clinical medicine, but I want to find a career that still takes advantage of my strengths. These include communication, education, relationship building, and (given my surgical background) anything requiring a good deal of manual dexterity. more inside