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April 07, 2006

Bonobo's Bongos - very silly fun! Repeat the rhythm your bonobo buddy has just played on the bongos. Via.
Like hockey fights? Like hockey goons ? Then check out the Worst. Goons. Ever. more inside
Rats...ON A PLANE!!! With all of the (insert animal here) on a plane hubbub, I found this amusing.
From The Truth Makes for Strange Fiction Dept.: A new graphic novel called The Five Fists of Science has Twain and Tesla trying to save the world from Edison and J.P. Morgan -- a bizarro mix of truth and fiction, where the truth does most of the bizarring. (pdf preview available here, on a wonky connection.) Edison and Tesla, mano a mano! Tesla and Edison, battling for our future, in the past! Think that's scary, kids? AwROOOOoooOOOOooOO!
Stop at Red - let's pledge and make a better world. more inside
Gospel of Judas discovered. The verdict? Jesus was just all right with him. Neato. NYT, reg, &c.
Used Without Permission George - I've somehow appeared inside Black, an XBox game, in a cutscene featuring two photographs a friend of mine took of me in an abandoned psychiatric ward. These photographs were used without permission or knowledge of either me or my friend, and we are curious if there is anything to be gained from making a big deal of this? Special note, we were trespassing. Or urban exploring, if you like...