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April 06, 2006

Statistics visualized in a map. Worldmapper takes statistical information and presents it in a world map. Just a bit of fun.
Curious George the trickster. We've done the monkey census, we've done the self-post filter -- but a larger question remains: what's your special talent? What party trick can you perform that would amaze and astound us, your fellow simians? more inside
Johnny Gets the Word
Spelling poems! Herewith a collection of poems dedicated to the trainwreck that is English spelling. more inside
Curious George: Dallas Monkeys? Two weeks from tonight (Thu April 20), me and Ufez are going to take a crack at drying up Deep Ellum. Anybody want to help out?
Woman misunderestimates Internet. Hilarity may ensue.
Jessica Alba says she was coerced into kissing a monkey. She hated it.
Yes, in fact, we DO do Windows. Apple today released a package to allow users to install and dual-boot Windows XP SP 2 on the new Intel-based Macs, that will be a full part of OS X.5 when it is released. This is not meant to incite a platform war, I firmly believe that whatever works best for you is the best platform for you. But this move by Apple raises a lot of questions: more inside