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April 05, 2006

Curious George: Who wants to have breakfast with me? Are you in the boston area?? Like breakfast?? Want to meet me and my awesome friend at breakfast? Do you want breakfast so bad you can taste it? more inside
A 9,000-year-old equivalent of a dentist clinic has been unearthed in Pakistan complete with drilled molars. Anaesthesia invented at the same time: rock to head. Meanwhile, 60 million-year-old penguin fossils found in New Zealand to complement the theropod fossils found in the Chatham Islands last week. It's been a busy week for archaeology.
THE MIND GOBBLES! 40,000 and counting ..
Shoelaces for Chucks
NPR Pledge Drive! As American monkeys may know, the National Public Radio pledge drive is upon us like a pack of rabid locusts with switchblades. This year they may have some trouble due to podcasting, but I'm not donating. Why? Because their supposed liberalism isn't. more inside
The Amen break: culture and copyright An 18-minute, 34mb movie discussing the means by which a 6-second sample of music released in 1969 went on to influence, indeed create, a whole musical subculture. Some thoughts about what copyright means for artists, too. more inside