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April 02, 2006

Bob Ross: The Happy Little Video Game
Google Web Accelerator back for now, anyway. It's been showing up advertised at the bottom of my Google searches all day. WinXP/2kSP3+, optimized for broadband. (What happened to accelerating the web for those of us who actually need it accelerated?) more inside
Other Popular Mixes Perhaps you need some teh cute with your coffee? Behold the Basschshund? And wonder to the Dorgi, the Bassugg, or a beautiful Jatese. Need a best friend? Look no further than the Kimola, or the Glechon. Here's a Peagle to cure what ails ya, and a Pug-a-mo for good measure.
Bee All That You Can Bee. DARPA's current big idea is to implant tiny microsystems into insects at the pupa stage of their development, when they can be "integrated" into their internal organs. via CommonDreams more inside
The Voice of the Castrato characterized Western opera and religious music during a limited period of history; and the predicament of the castrato in history and his unique voice and situation can still command our attention and provoke our curiosity. [Caution: these links possibly NSFW, depending on the width of the employer's mindset and certain to distress those sensitive to the suffering of children] more inside
Schnauzbart/Vollbart, it's all art. The disciplined Schnauzbart Kaiserlich. The perky Schnauzbart Dali. The funky Vollbart Naturale. Wild and crazy Kinn- und Backenbart Freestyle! But it's the Vollbart Freestyle that really attracts the nuts!
Dumbland Two Flash animated shorts from David Lynch.