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March 20, 2006

European George Hi All, In about two weeks I'm flying out to Ireland, where I'll be spending a month walking around the country. Then I'll be spending a month on the continent. I'd like to hear your advice! more inside
folksongs for the five points - a metaphor in sound in celebration of cultural diversity and change
British Prime Minister evicts/KILLS Sir Humphrey! more inside
Supernatural Crime: digital comics and pulp "Take a midnight stroll down the rain-slick streets of Port Nocturne, where the acrid scent of gunpowder hangs in the air like cheap perfume, where every dark alley comes to a dead end, and justice is... ...blonde." more inside
Fudge Factory Comics
Hitler's Home Movies (google video, best to mute the insipid soundtrack.)
Third Warniversary Summary: American Military Casualties: 2,317. American Wounded: 17,004. Iraqi Civilian Casualties: 37,795 (estimated). Total Cost of the War: $320 billion - NOT! Number of WMD Found: 0. Number of Administration Officials Held Accountable for Iraq Debacle: Zero. more inside
William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: 'Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?' converted to ActionScript 2.0 syntax.
Ragtime by Perfessor Bill Edwards. Midi can vary greatly, but most of these are superb, the best I've ever heard. Aside from Midi, The Perfessor's a pianist and composer of considerable attainments; his site also gives lyrics for many old songs, plus showing a number of original and early sheet music covers. more inside
Larry levels banana crop. Massive cyclone hits Australia's east coast. No levees breached but bananas toast. more inside
ASCII Art - 1948
In September 2005, Neil Gaiman discovered a demonic tomato in his garden. Sensibly enough he decided to make evil salsa out of it. Website Tomatoes Are Evil heard about Neil's evil fruit and linked to it as an example of a vicious killer tomato. Now Neil is being threatened with possible legal action by Branfman and Associates [warning: embedded music(!)] on behalf of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, who claim Neil has violated their trademark by linking to them from Tomatoes Are Evil. Except, uh, Neil doesn't run Tomatoes Are Evil, and has not linked to anything to do with AotKT. more inside
The Laurence Hutton Princeton University Collection of Death Masks And even more over here.