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March 17, 2006

The Wild Parrots of Brooklyn: Tough guys -- monk or quaker parrots -- make their home in a number of unexpected locations. Most people think of parrots as a tropical bird but New York State has several nests of feral quakers now. more inside
Extreme Survival Quiz!! Friday Flash "Fun". Take this quiz and find out if you would survive these dire situations, or be reduced to a grease spot. more inside
Snakes. On a plane. Who says Hollywood is running out of ideas? (warning: YouTube link) Now, I wouldn't normally post something from SomethingAwful, but this really takes the cake. more inside
Drawball! It's a ball in which you, and pretty much everyone in the whole damn world, draw! more inside
He wanted twenty-two bucks for it, but I talked him down to seventeen...
Dogs and other animals in shawls. That's all really. Just some Friday cute. via
Big Pot Factory Bust in Oakland With products like Jones'n Soda, Joint Cola, Rasta Reese's, Stoney Ranchers and Trippy Peanut Butter, it was only a matter of time... Sorry this didn't last 'til Halloween, they were about 3 miles from where I live. With video, too.
Experiments with paper cups.
The Lego Suicides