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March 06, 2006

Pets or Food? 40 lbs. baby seal meat for only 68.99$US. Mmm! Plus recipes like Sweet and Sour Koala Loaf. This might be a joke.
Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt!! The name Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt was an inevitable afterthought. When Steven Seagal finished creating a drink that holds untold natural power, there was only one equivalent in nature- The Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt. Both mysterious and powerful, it's a symbol of the untold energy the earth has to offer- Such is Steven Seagals Lightning Bolt energy drink. more inside
Nacho Libre Jack Black is one of those actors who is excruciatingly annoying if in the wrong role (Orange County), or stupidly-hilarious if in the right one (School of Rock). Enter "Nacho Libre" -- Jack plays a priest who becomes a Mexican wrestler in order to save the orphanage. more inside
Unexpected Comet Pojamanski is visible for Northern monkeys. It has a pretty turquoise tail. It needs a pretty name, however.
Fascism Checklist See how many apply to your country. Discuss. No, no I mean in the thread. Discuss it in the thread here. Also, there are some Boob videos. Probably SFW, but I'm going to mark them as NSFW just in case more inside
Nessie is really Dumbo claims Neil Clark, curator of palaeontology at Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum. "Ya pure mad dafty!" cry Scotland's Tourism Industry and the many believers of the legend of the Loch Ness monster. more inside
Cleveland Meetup Pics ... are here and here and here.
Real Life Simpsons Intro (Embedded Video). Via digg, via Layer 8. more inside
Mark Jenkin's Storker Project is a fascinating sort of urban grafitti. Jenkins makes life size babies out of packing tape then abandons them in urban, suburban and rural areas. The final result is absurd, eye catching and occasionally even poignant.