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March 05, 2006

Have you ever seen a robot mule stumble around as if dancing to the sound of a model airplane engine? (Second link = YouTube video with sound) more inside
You: Gorgeous. Me: A Gamer... "I’m pretty sure if I can just pay you for that drink that we will soon be making hot monkey love back at my apartment. However, I am disappointed at how much dating is already costing me, and how many obstacles one must overcome to simply buy a girl a drink..."
Bizarro, I love you.
I made an egg for you. Bawk Bawk!
I'm a lunatic. I scare people. Out of boredom and the attempt to be the first to do SOMEthing, I typed weirdo into Google and hit "I'm feeling lucky" This is what I got. Muahahahahahaaaaaa......
Political video games against the dictatorship of entertainment. (Old but never posted before, possibly NSFW, and via BB.)
Left Behind, page by page Blogger Slacktivist has been doing a weekly series on the first Left Behind book for almost two-and-a-half years and one hundred posts now, going page by page and noting the inconsistencies, poor storytelling and even poorer theology (he's a liberal Christian). Earlier posts are at the bottom of the linked page.