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February 24, 2006

"McElwain, you're in!" The autistic team manager of the Greece, NY, high school basketball team suited up for their final game, and, after never playing in a game before, when he went in for the final four minutes, scored 20 points (six 3-pointers and a 2)! General mayhem and well-deserved adoration for the boy ensues.
Curious George: How long is the "Long Arm of the Law"? I've heard that when in foreign countries, United States citizens must still follow all United States laws. Is that true? more inside
Photoshopping Celebrity & Models before and after the photoshop treatment. It's compulsive. Via. more inside
WOXY, the greatest radio station in the world, needs your support! Once a terrestrial radio station, WOXY has gone internet-only. They are completely independently owned and operated, play no commercials, have live djs Monday- Friday from the morning through the evening (US East Coast Time) and they are now asking for listener support. more inside
The world's largest landing craft is offloading now. The captain of the M/V APL Panama made a mistake on Christmas day, when he did not pick up his pilot. Now his ship is on the beach, and they try, and try, and try, and try to get it off again. Lousy website layout, with great pictures. more inside
Computer Security Awareness Video Contest Winners Several really excellent free videos on Cyber Security sponsored by the Educase/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force
The Einstein Show Visual aid for the genius monkey. Happy Friday! stolen from MeFi
42 This is the answer to all our power problems: a quantum computer that processes data before it is even switched on.
GoogleFIGHT Put in two keywords, and the program will fight them out according to their result amount on google.Quite possibly the closest battle. We got out asses owned my MeFi. xP