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January 13, 2006

How could you not vote for this guy? Is this really such a stretch? This is the state that eleceted a pro wrestler to office.
The Impeachment of George W. Bush An article by Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman who sat on the Nixon impeachment proceedings. She has an eerie feeling of deja vu. *sigh* via MeFi
Rolex, schmolex! The Tour de l'Ile is the world's most complicated wristwatch, created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Swiss watchmakers Vacheron-Constantin. Among it's many dials and features (on both sides) are sunrise/sunset time, a perpetual calendar, power reserve dial, second time zone, a tourbillon device and a representation of the night sky. More close-up pictures here.
New York Times reviewer takes on new poetry from Billy Collins (sorry, reg req'd) NYT reviewer David Orr parodies former poet laureate (and bard of unbelievable blandness) Billy Collins. more inside
American Mazes Get lost in your home state.
Jamesh'sh Ashton Martin for shale. Complete with machine gunsh, tire shreddersh, and "hydraulic thing that shoots oil". more inside
Curious George: FAQ web page building I am trying to put together a Web page for my department with company FAQs. Rather then have a web page with a long list of URLs, Answers etc. I would like the user to filter by subject eg. IT, Useful numbers, Non-Technical - that kinda thing. It needs to be pure html/css/java/vbscript. No server-side asp here, but its need to have a database type back-end (Access, Excel, XML) Any monkeys out there with ideas/useful sites?. There are commercial products but I want to do it myself AND EARN BROWNIE POINTS!!!
Black cop infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan. And they loved him so much, they asked him to run things. more inside
San Francisco's Pet Cemetery. A strangely moving collection of pics of the final resting places of some obviously well-loved animals. via more inside
The Evoluon. Today, it's a conference center. But once upon a time it was a magical place, where kids like me could gasp at the wonders of science and see a glimpse of the future. more inside
skype A program for making free calls over the internet
Curious George: Font Legality How do fair-use agreements and other likewise legal things come into play involving fonts? more inside
I like to fly. They have long cold winters in Finland. Long enough, and cold enough, to encourage young men to strap jet turbines to their feet and jump off balloons. (embedded video, and glorious lunacy).