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May 31, 2005

Mark Felt says he was Deep Throat But Bernstein will neither confirm nor deny. via th' blue and peacay
Please God, No! Rambo IV
Bong Water® Energized Soft Drinks™ Or, for something a tad more spiritual, there's the Kabbala Energy Drink.
Kodak, Don't Take My Kodachrome NY Times, reg. required. Earlier this month, Kodak, based in Rochester, N.Y., delivered a shock to experimental, underground and just plain old-fashioned filmmakers when - one day after a May 8 celebration called Global Super 8 Day - it announced plans to discontinue its low-speed, fine-grained Kodachrome Super 8 film in favor of a new Ektachrome Super 8 product. more inside
Richard Brautigan True Stories
tokyoplastic flash site This is a worthwhile but unusual (up to) 30 minute timesink. I like drummachine best. via
Cheese chasing: Every May, a bunch of weirdos chase a wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a hill in England. What more can I say? Want to try it yourself next time?
The worlds greatest music video evar! If I ever form a band, I wanna be the guy on the left ...
The push for the summit of the world's tallest mountain started late this year. In the last 24 hours or so more than 50 people have summited Mount Everest and more summits are expected in the day to come. The climbers still heading up had better hurry as the climbing season on Everest officially ends on Wednesday. more inside
Trip Hammered While "Star Trek: Enterprise" may be dead, the memory of Trip Tucker will most certainly live on, if nothing else but for his fashion sense. Party on, Trekkers.

May 30, 2005

Meerschweinchenbildergalerie A fuzzy slipper! A toupee! Rare guinea pig breeds, carefully groomed and photographed on velvet. So many choices, but I think this fellow is my favorite. more inside
Widow Bryant..*nsfw*..link contains some clay penis images ....no,no,no.....no,no,no
Ramon Watkins, aka Prophet Yahweh claims he can summon UFOs via use of the Hebrew Old Testament. Thinking to mock a wackjob, ABC News Las Vegas challenged him. Then the UFOs appeared on demand, and on camera, just as Watkins promised. Embedded windows media player footage here and a direct stream here. more inside
The Seven Basic Plots Christopher Booker (ironic name), founding editor of Private Eye, writes a tome that espouses the concept of finite archetypal stories that are remixed and repackaged in human myth to become the blueprint for all stories - similar to the concepts of Joseph Campbell. "The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories." So is that all there is? Not really, says Denis Dutton.
Bapa Phünsto Wangye , founder of the Tibetan Communist Party. The first chapter of his recently published memoirs can be read on line, a story that challenges overly simplistic readings of the Tibetan experience in "New China".
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations by Georges Polti.

May 29, 2005

This is a mind boggling (but fun) puzzle...apparently the new craze of the day... more inside
"My chief aim in life is to capture some of these eels." Off the coast of Samoa, researchers find hundreds of magical eels squiggling around a toxic and active underwater volcano and nobody knows what their names are. In Australia, some other researchers find zillions of ugly spider crabs having an orgy. Are these events linked? No. Probably not.
Why Coffee Works - Including a charming picture of a rat and a lead on the cause of insomnia (god I hope they fix that).
Crappy Art ...to sell your art, every artist needs an angle
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