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February 28, 2005

Order a MoFiTShirt now! If you want to be the hawtt sex0r this coming summer, or if you're in the southern hemisphere and need an extra layer and/or umbrella, now's the time to obtain a highly desirable MonkeyFilter tee. Go ahead, ask me how. more inside
Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease Pathology by Cannabinoids: Neuroprotection Mediated by Blockade of Microglial Activation ...is the title of a new paper that argues Marijuana can combat the effects of Alzheimer's. According to animal models, when cannabinoid receptors on diseased brain tissue become activated swelling is reduced and brain functioning apparently improves. Of course, the scientists involved don't recommend smoking up... they recommend waiting for a synthetic cannabinoid drug that will reduce inflamation but won't get you high, but personally I prefer organic herbs to synthetic chemicals. How's 'bout you?
Let go of that monkey meat Two new retroviruses found to have jumped from primates to humans, due to simian meat comsumption.
Extreme Spells No matter how minimal or how severe your situation is, Extreme Spells.com can help. Maybe you need a lover who has left to return? Perhaps you need someone who has wronged you to be paid pack? Perhaps you need a money spell to bring your financial life back into place? Maybe you would like to ruin your ex lover's new relationship and possibly get him or her back? Again, we can assist you as we have thousands of others like yourself who simply needed the "extreme" power of our ancient, powerful and effective spells.
One Word
Sixty Seconds. Have at it.
The Red Calf Is Blessed. Apoccy Clips Around The Corner? Sanity and reason go for a long walk, perhaps never to return
When the drugs start talking, it's time to stop taking them...
Messiah! If you're a premillennialist, you should watch the Messiahcam, for No One Knows the Hour; but if you are a confirmed postmillennialist, you'll be watching for a long, long time before the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west. (Amillennialists are all going to hell, but they're not interested in watching, anyway, so it'll all come as a big surprise. Or perhaps it won't.) more inside
Check for traps. True Dungeon returns to GenCon Indy this year. This d20 variant, created by Jeff Martin of Dwarven Forge fame, is part RPG, part LARP, giving fans of D&D a chance to act out real-life adventures in a full-sized dungeon without all the running around in the woods waving foam swords. Wil Wheaton did it, so it must be cool.
Computer Boy - iFilm link. Classic (I found it back in 2001), juvenile humor (the director was only 18 when he made it), Australian spoof of The Matrix. Approx. 50 minutes long. SFW, but contains profanity. And fart jokes. more inside
Dr. Richard Olney dedicated his career to the study of one of the most disturbing and still incurable fatal human illnesses, motor neuron disease. Now he is living with it. more inside
keeping dogs away whats the way to keep dogs off my 14 by 6 ft landscape,pepper?I dont want to hurt them,but they keep dropping the bomb.
Curious George: Oscars Did anyone else see some text appear on the screen during the animated feature intros? more inside
Causes of Color
Dentist sounds. Just slip on the headphones, sit back and relax. [via E.C. Brown]

February 27, 2005

Mad Props from MeFi and the NZ Herald. In print but not online? Got a copy, tracicle?
My next car. Appropriately armed. Scroll down to see it in action. And I am really hoping that crazy mohawk boy comes with it. Is it not wonderful? It's even better than this old one which I have long coveted.
The Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary There are a near-infinite number of slang words which are still only in hypothetical usage among the youth of today and tomorrow - this service attempts to pre-emptively catalogue them.
Grin and bare 'em. In which we find that Britons and Americans smile differently. US viewers of the Simpsons may be very pleased to hear that, but apparently Scienceā„¢ shows we Brits are more likely to be sincere whilst scaring infants with our wonky gnashers. Via ALD.
Stop trying to protect me from myself. There is a new treaty aimed at reducing smoking related deaths, which are listed as the number two highest preventable killer, just behind hypertension. more inside
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