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December 29, 2005

Monkeys Going Postal (MPG)! Based on this post by planetthoughtful a letter writing club has been started by Alnedra. more inside
Early attempt at flight. Darwin wins. Video: Franz Reichelt attempted to paraglide off the Eiffel Tower in 1912, using a flying suit he designed. As this video demonstrates, it was less than effective.
Curious George: I am thinking of a book Can't think of the title of it though. It's a science-fiction type book where Satan is the good guy and is trying to free humans from God's tyranny. I seem to remember reading about it on a religious blog like RealLivePreacher or something like that. Any of you monkeys know what I'm talking about?
Curious George: Hospital bill confusion. Awhile back I visited the ER for what I thought was chest pain, but it was nothing serious. Now I have the bill. I have what looks like duplicate charges from the hospital and from the pathology service. Are these really duplicates? more inside
Tire Art. This is insanely bitchin'. I searched and didn't find it, so I hope it's new.
Video Killed The YTMND Star - a mashup of ytmnd fads set to that Buggles tune that you will now have in your head all day. Requires FLASH
Sand+water+salt+oil. Mix in some Java and you have a nice time waster (you must scroll down a little once you get to the page). more inside
Mouse Wars. [flash] No need to click -- just point. Don't leave the white box. Via ABS. more inside