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December 18, 2005

Losing the War I'm not exactly sure what this article is about, I haven't finished reading it - but I thought it was worth an FPP because it's somehow excellent already. It's about war, Hitler, Wagner, the author's dad, and the American public's perception of combat overseas. more inside
De-Furrious George... I know some of you rogues will try to make some kind sexual innuendo with virtually any topic. But you've met your match today. There's no way this topic could be so abused. more inside
Herblock's History Political cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium. An online tribute, courtesy the Library of Congress. more inside
Write for Rights. An appeal from you to the authorities can help the victims of human rights violations whose stories are told here. All it costs is an international stamp. But does it work? more inside
Purple Frogs exist - A species of purple frog has been found. It was down the back of the sofa the whole time. more inside
War on Christmas Waged by Gang of Drunken Santas Senior Sergeant Matt Rogers said..."it was fairly average behaviour from an organised group of idiots who had had too much to drink" more inside
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