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November 06, 2005

WWII photos from the US National Archives. Great photos, and they are in nice, high resolution for your viewing pleasure.
Maywa Denki Japanese Nonsense Machines. This might be useful, but this? Here is some background. The perform live with the instruments they create like this one.
Curious George: Collecting video clips I like to collect video clips, such as the one petebest posted below. If I want to collect a hodgepodge of different .avi/.mpg/.qt/.wmv and later write them all to DVD (regular VOB format) for TV viewing, what format should I transcode them all into? And what authoring program is best for burning all these transcodes?
Yahoo Godwins Itself Yahoo has erected a statue in honor of the Yahoo Mail team. The plaque tells all and sundry Yahoo's goal. (Hint: the goal ain't improving its products for its users.)
Slot Car Racing Action!! Awesomeness defined. A small camera is strapped to a slot car for the ride you always wanted to take. Features excellent "deadman's curve" finish. via memepool